Everyday is a new adventure on the Pete Wallace Rigging job site!  This Fall, we have maneuvered a 10' 6" wide 38,000-pound press through a 10' entrance in Suwanee, Georgia, hoisted freezer units over obstacles to set them in place in a Cumming, Georgia food processing facility, and placed a 22,000-pound statue on its base at a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

    Above, Paul, Keith, and Dan set a statue of Quan Am, Goddess of Mercy, at the future site of a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  The congregation memebers were very hospitable, asking us to join them in taking a group picuture and sharing their celebration feast.
    In the left photo gallery, Operations Manager, Alan Singleton, and his crew lift freezer units over rough terrain and fencing to set them in place at a local food processing plant.
    Below, the Pete Wallace team succeeds in maneuvering a 10' 6" press through a 10' doorway to the amazment of another satisfied customer.
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